Play Pennsylvania Keno at Parx Casino Online for Big Winnings

Keno is a casino game that appeals to almost all players. The game is as simple as picking a set of your favorite numbers. You can play Pennsylvania Keno online at Parx Casino, the leading online casino for great games and large payouts.

The word keno is derived from a French word that refers to a set of five numbers. In the game of keno the player is allowed to pick a set of numbers. A drawing is then conducted to see if any of the player’s numbers have been chosen. The more numbers that are matched, the larger the payout.

How to Get the Best Results from Pennsylvania Keno

It might seem like online keno for real money at Parx Casino isn’t much different from the lottery. Both are games of pure chance. Even though the results of a keno game are randomly determined, there are still betting strategies that you can use to increase your chance of winning.

The first thing the player should do is become familiar with the game. Know how many numbers can be selected and what the payouts are for matches. This will help you determine how often you need to win in order to break even. The smart keno player tries to break even until they hit that big jackpot.

You should also consider playing Pennsylvania Keno with a deposit bonus like the one offered by Parx Casino. You’ll be able to use the free money to play keno as you learn and master the game.

A mistake that many keno players make is sticking with so-called lucky numbers. Try to vary your selection of numbers or even use a quick pick to increase the chance of winning. It is also important that you avoid playing too many numbers or cards.

The Odds of Winning While Playing Keno Online

The reality is that the odds in keno are pretty low for the player, but the reward is relative to the risk. Hitting several numbers puts you in line for a large payout. Some keno games can even pay $1 million in winnings.

The important thing to remember about keno odds is that playing more numbers actually makes the odds worse for the player. For example, if you select a 20-number ticket the odds of hitting all 20 numbers is 1 to 3.5 quintillion. Playing a ticket with fewer numbers will improve your odds and still offer a chance at huge winnings.

The odds of keno also depend upon the variation of the game that you choose to play. There are Pick 1, Pick 2, and Pick 3 versions of the game available in most online casinos.

Does Parx Casino Offer Fair Keno Games?

Players can take comfort in knowing that Pennsylvania Keno games available at Parx Casino are fully regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The games are regularly audited and conducted according to a provably fair model.

The results of keno are randomly determined by what is known as an RNG, or random number generator. This means that even the casino does not know what numbers will appear on any draw. The results of games are maintained for inspection to validate the RNG algorithm.

What are the Advantages of Playing Keno Games Online?

Many players like the convenience of playing Keno with the Parx Casino mobile app. The games are available on Android and iOS devices. It is also possible to play them on a PC or laptop.

Another advantage is that Parx Casino keno games do not require a download. They can be enjoyed right from the browser of your PC.

Best of all, there is no need to travel to a live casino to play your favorite keno games. You can play right in the comfort of your living room when you sign up with Parx Casino today.