The Most Amusing Bingo Patterns You Can Produce

It is fun to see how a 5×5 card can work with so many bingo patterns. Many sites like what you see on can provide you with special patterns that feature specific types of ways for you to win big. These amusing patterns can provide you with special payouts while also making a game all the more fun to play with.

Martini Glass

The martini glass pattern covers the entire first row and the N column. A few supports are included to show off the curvy nature of the glass and its base.


An airplane covers the G column while the middle three parts of the B column are covered. The middle row is also covered all the way through.


The cents layout is appropriate for a game like bingo. This could entail a C formed in the middle with a small dot at the top and bottom of the C. This creates the cent symbol.

Railroad Tracks

This special way of winning will entail getting the I and G columns covered all the way. This would create a layout that looks like a traditional train line. This is a more distinct look for a two line win but it has to be organized in that specific layout on the card for it to work properly.


A tree layout uses a design where the third row is filled while the middle parts of the second row are covered. The N column is fully covered to support the trunk of the tree and its very tip.

Special Four Corners Arrangements

Many bingo games pay out if the four corners on your card are covered. But some special variants of the four corners payout can be used. You could get the middle boxes on the ends filled out instead of the absolute corners, for instance. Even the inside corners could be utilized if desired. This adds a good layout that gives you a better chance at winning something although the payout might vary based on where you go.

Dollar Sign

The dollar sign pattern is a little more elaborate. This entails an S that will cover the entire first and fifth rows. A line will go in the middle with the N column being fully involved in the process. This helps to add a good layout for getting paid and especially does well for giving people something to work with.

Specific Letters

Some patterns can include specific letters that have to be formed. An O could be formed with the outside parts of the card filled with the four corners not being covered. Other capital letters can also be used with the layouts for those cards varying, thus creating a nicer design when used right. It makes for an exciting way for people to win something great.

Check out all of these card patterns when looking for something fun to play with. These patterns that you will find on online bingo sites add to the excitement and versatility of bingo and just might give you an extra chance at winning something grand. Look around to find sites hosted through places on to see what is available.