Casino poker for newbie: decoding the terminology 

Poker isn’t a game that you can hear about and become a professional in, it is a game of strategy accompanied by luck. As a beginner you may find hard to win at it due to a vast variety of strategies put forth by opponents. In order to get better at this game, what you need to do is to understand the working of the words, you need to understand the meaning of different buttons like all in, kill, and half kill etc. These buttons are just visual representation of a rule being triggered into the game. Online casinos give out great discounts on poker and some websites like the New offers every day – VISIT NOW.

Understanding the terminology is of utmost importance as all the strategies are based around some special terms. Mentioned below is a summarized Poker & Casino guide for Denmark under which some basic terminology is explained-

  • Half Kill/kill

The meaning of a kill in terms of poker is completely different from its real life meaning. A kill pot is a situation when in a hand the stakes are doubled. For example, in an Omaha hi/low game the limit is fixed at $2/$4 but in case of a kill pot, this will go to a total of $4/$8. Although mostly for blinds it remains same. In addition, the player who triggered a kill has to usually pitch in some money that is usually the double of the current big blinds.

A half kill is a situation under which the stakes are raised by 50%, i.e. from $2/$4 to $3/$6. In any case you won’t find both in the same game. It’s either one of them or neither of them. 

What triggers it?

  • If a player wins twice in a row.
  • A player wins a pot over a firm threshold.
  • All in/call

These are fairly new rules in poker and have been adopted into leading casinos and tournaments alike. Unlike kill/half kill buttons, they do not trigger any rules but just indicate that a player has moved all his chips forward. This is done when a player bets his entire chips or makes a verbal declaration about it. If the opponent accepts the bid he is given the call button. These buttons are basically a visual representation of the situation of a game.

  • Overs

This actually is one of the rarest buttons you will ever get to find in a casino poker game. Every player gets to choose to have an over button or not. If at any point of all the players left are having an over button then the game changes from a limited game to no-limit. Although this isn’t favored by professional players but by using this button you can increase your winnings.

  • Add-on

Add-on button is mainly used in tournaments. By using this button, the player can purchase extra chips for a bit of fee. Using add-ons is a decision of strategic importance as it is only allowed to be used once per game.