How playing Rummy during work breaks can help

Playing games on mobile apps has become quite common these days with many employees. This is usually done during tea or smoking breaks and becomes a point of conversation. It is no surprise that the mobile game apps market has crossed the $4.5 billion USD in 2018 and expected to grow further. As an employee fond of using game apps, it may not be the smartest idea to get carried away and get caught.  For instance, it is absolutely fine to play rummy app to clear your mind when you are dealing with a tough issue. Let it be a means to clear your mind and come back to your desk fresh and cheerful.

Listed below are some benefits that employees have reported after answering a survey on how playing their favorite game helped them.

  • Clear mind: It is a known fact that many people get frustrated when they are faced with problems they cannot solve. Walking away and spending 5 minutes doing something different helps in seeing the problem differently.
  • Energy and motivation: Quite a few employees spend long hours at work and cannot put in a 100% for 8 or more hours at a stretch. Knowing that they can take some time to walk around, play a favorite game and win some money is energizing. One can also discuss game scores and progress with friends. This is not related to work but can be used as motivation to do work better after a break.
  • Problem solving: It is a good idea to take a break when you need one and on occasions when boredom is setting in. Gaming apps help players use different skills and think of ways to win. This method comes in handy when complicated issues crop up in projects and can be solved by unusual methods.
  • Short games: It is a good thing that playing on the rummy app allows users to play in short bursts. The newest app games have long and short versions making it easy to take a short break for 5 minutes and not longer. This makes it easier for people to take breaks and come back to work faster.

Most employers are lenient enough to let their employees take breaks at work as long as the work is completed on time. A happy and cheerful employee is an asset and influences his/her colleagues. Since people are social, playing the same games and even playing rummy apps help bring them together, even those who don’t usually interact much. Using game apps to boost team spirit along with team building activities will have a huge impact on employee morale and productivity. The aim of any business is to hire people with diverse skills and make them work as a team. Gaming apps are a great resource for bringing people together and can foster competition in a good way. Download card game apps and find out what their impact can be.