The Difference Between Online Poker and Rake back Bonuses

In online poker, a player can choose between rakeback or poker bonuses. The problem is that you can choose only one of these advantages. All poker players have their own preferences in what is best for them.

 In this article you will see the advantages of each of them and what is best for you.

Types of poker bonuses:

Initial Deposit Bonus: Bonuses that accumulate when players make their first deposit. As a rule, the rooms correspond to a certain deposit; therefore, if you deposit $ 100, you add $ 100 to your bonus account, which will be released when you collect the required number of points or hands with a commission.

Promotions: promotions that Situs QQ rooms hold at different times of the year and do not require a deposit. An example of this is the monthly promotions that take place on the Internet. They hold a new campaign almost every month for any event or holiday that takes place this month. For example, in December, a Christmas bonus is launched, in which prizes and money are awarded to players when they accumulate a certain amount of bonus points.

What is rakeback poker?

To receive rakeback, a player must register through a rakeback provider or by contacting a private poker room. A room cannot give rakeback if it is already tracked by a partner who does not allow this option. Rakeback is a bonus that is given to players in which they receive a percentage of the generated rake. Money is credited to your account daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the room. If you get rakeback, you can’t participate in promotions or be eligible for deposit bonuses. The return percentage of rakeback changes again in the room. Some offer approximately 25%, while others give players the full rake they generate.

To entertain players, it is advisable to choose bonuses. This is due to the fact that the recreational player will not generate enough rakes to justify the payments. These players enjoy more than competition. They like to participate in the monthly promotions and bonuses offered on the site, which are not available if you choose rakeback.

However, rakeback is recommended for players who make a living or play high stakes games. This is because it is clear that you are playing to get a serious income, and that the search for bonuses will not interest you, as it charges an additional amount every week. In addition, the amount of generated rakeback will be worthy of recovery and May even turn a lost month into a winning one.


There are web portals that have done the research for you and offer a list of rakeback sites. Some have agreed to exclusive rakeback offers for players. Search on these sites and see which sites offer the best rakeback. Also for American poker players, find a site that offers a list of American poker sites. Uu. This is a rakeback offer.