The way in which Bookmakers make the money

Sports’ betting is one of the fun and interesting ways to fulfill your passion for sports and make money together. Betting has been there in the world of sports since a long time back. Although some countries have banned betting on sports yet it is very popular on the internet. People from all over the world are involved in sports betting according to the sports of their choice. The sports in which betting is most common is horse racing.  It is fun to place bet on your favorite horse or the horse rider, see it winning and make the money. Online betting websites allow the bettors to place the betting odds with the bookmakers union or the individual bookmakers to make money.

Building margins into odds and making balance of the book

 The concept of bookmaking is something around building the margins into the odds. Odds are set to show the chances of outcome. Fixed odds bookie makes sure that each income is received back in the right proportion hence they can easily make their profits regardless of the outcome of the betting. Most of the bookies often gamble one outcome of the bet over the other. The prices of the bets are set in such a way that they should profit and have reduced variance. Bookmakers start by setting their profit margin which helps them to balance the book and get their profits easily.

Odds calculation in the horse racing

If you are interested in horse racing then you should learn about the calculations of the odds. Stake and odds are the two common factors which help the bettors to win on any of the bet they place. Stake is dependent upon you while the odds are up to the bookmaker. The betting odds can change as the race gets closer. A lot of bettors wonder how the betting odds are calculated. Well, each of the bookmakers has their own team of compilers who consider various factors to set the right price of the odd.  The teams of compilers gather all the relevant information prior to setting the early price. This price can easily fluctuate before the race starts and till the starting price of the odd gets fixed.

Common factors that affect the odd calculations

Some of the common factors which affect the calculations of the odds in the horse racing are:

  • Advice of the experts, gallop watchers and handicappers.
  • Factors that can affect the support of selections of trainer or jockey.
  • Popularity of the horse and the jockey
  • Past statistics of the race of same horse or same jockey

In the present time, bookies use some online software to conveniently calculate the odd and that too more precisely. Many punters are now turning to be the bookies. They bet on the horses which they find being over rated. They let the bettors to place the bet on the different horses in a race. All the horses have equal chances of winning the race.  They ask bettors to place bets against the odds which they have fixed. Payout is made to the winners while rest of the amount goes to bookmaker and his team mates.  In this way, bookmaker makes lot of money in every race.